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Why Join the Divine Goth Social Network?

We are the 1st true International Goth Community, offering goths around the world the ability to socialize, search and shop all in one place.

What We offer:

Goth Wiki – Search our wiki database of goth Celebrities, Musicians, Actors, Models and more! We include movies, music videos, community and other entertaining posts in the wiki.

Goth Directory – When you join the Divine Goth Community you will have access to the Directory. It includes a list of various Clubs, Venues, Festivals, Events, Merchants and more from around the world. To help us build this database, as members of the site you can submit a listing. We will confirm the listing, by making sure it meets our guidelines as a Goth or Goth friendly business, venue, festival, club or event.

Socialize  – You will be able to meet new friends, socialize and follow goths around the world. Build unique profiles and feature special content as profile Overviews! Build rich company pages that allow you to update and change the Overview page to reflect your content of the week.


Find People with Your Same Interests

We offer many ways to find, connect and friend people with the same interests as you. Besides doing a simple member search, you can join a group and participate in a forum to find members to friend and follow. You can find friends who like the same music, movies, topics, wiki posts, or follow the same Fan Pages that you do. These are just a few ways you will be able to find and connect with others of like mind.

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Community News

Take a sneak peek at our featured new directory listings. Click the links to view the full listings.

Goth Nightclub

The Church

Founded in 1994... The Church is open on Sunday nights, although they host occasional special events other nights of the week. Inspired by Carlos Menendez and his successful long running theme night, which began in Miami "Velvet" nightclub, The Church provides Dallas most unique nightclub experience. The Miami "Church" still exists, although in a different location. Click on the name below to view full directory listing.

Goth Nightclub
Dallas, TX
EDM Event Venue

Stereo Live Dallas

Dallas' Home for Electronic Music! The venue bridges the unique retro building with new age, cutting-edge productions, including a 1970s massive polyhedron mirror disco ball, top-of-the-line DAS sound system and state-of-the-art lighting. The 1,400 capacity allows for room on the dance floor, while curating intimate nights with renowned artists. Click on the name below to view full directory listing.

EDM Event Venue
Dallas, TX
Goth Nightclub

Creatures Of The Night

One of the longest running Goth Club in Hamburg. It features predominantly electronic music - EBM, industrial, 80s. Bands like Apoptygma Berzerk, VNV Nation, Icon of Coil, Assemblage 23, Wumpscut, Hocico, Suicide Commando, Camouflage, Depeche Mode, OMD. Click on the name below to view full directory listing.

Goth Nightclub
Hamburg, Germany
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Meet New People all over the World

As Goths, we know that although we all stand under one title, there are many ways to express what it means to be a goth. Therefore, we allow our members to choose various profile types that cater to the needs of our users..

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